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Little Girl Sneaks Mom’s Makeup And Creates Cutest Tutorial Video.

You’ve got lots of options when it comes to which makeup tutorial to watch, but we guarantee that this is the cutest one you’ll ever see!

Amy Gadd of Durham, England was going through her daughter Rosie’s iPad when she stumbled across a video that put a huge smile on her face. Amy shared the video on her Facebook page, and within days it had gone viral.


The makeup tutorial was created by Rosie unbeknownst to Amy. In it, Rosie is sitting at her bedroom vanity with an array of pilfered cosmetics scattered around her. “You can borrow some from your mum,” she advises her audience in a serious tone of voice.

She starts from scratch, bedhead and all, and proceeds to inform her viewers that putting your hair back in a pony tail is the first step. Then she moves on to moisturizing her face, which is such an important step that sorry, you can’t even do makeup without it.

Once her face is prepped and ready to go, Rosie gets to the important stuff. Coincidentally, this is when things go off the rails just a little bit!


Take a look at Rosie’s makeup tutorial in the video below to see what happens next and be sure to share.

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