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Meet Rose And Winston, 2 Sugar Gliders Who Will Soar Right Into Your Heart.

When you think of pets, you probably think of dogs, cats, guinea pigs, fish, hermit crabs, or even the occasional parrot. You probably don’t think of a sugar glider.

Classified as exotic pets, sugar gliders are marsupials who get their name from their sweet tooth and their penchant for, well, gliding! Two sugar gliders named Rose and Winston have their own TikTok account with over 600,000 followers, and it’s easy to see why! The tiny creatures with big eyes are easily some of the most adorable animals out there. We’ve collected some of our favorite videos from their account for your enjoyment.

1. This is a story about a sugar glider named “Lucky.”


lucky is an understatement ##foryou

♬ Lucky – Britney Spears

2. We dare you not to say “wheee!”


wiiiiiiiiiiiiii 🕊 ##skypancake ##floof ##fyp

♬ …..Wiii – âš¡ ð•µð–Šð–˜ð–šð–˜âš¡

3. Dear Santa, can you bring us a sugar glider pal?


liking this video increases your odds of getting a floof in your stocking this year by .01% ##floofmas ##fyp

♬ Sugar Plum Fairy – Simon Holland

4. Seriously, who knew a couple of gliding marsupials could make us so happy?


Reply to @malii._.kaa comments like these make me never wanna stop posting â¤ï¸ ##fyp

♬ We are young ft train – Cursed Mashups

5. It’s just a matter of time before this little star gets a role in a movie!


Reply to @mousey_bess Welcome to sugar glider simulator, stay a while

♬ original sound – ð•¸ð–šð–˜ð–Žð–ˆðŸŽ¶

We can’t get enough of these talented little marsupial friends! Although these pets certainly aren’t for everyone, Rose and Winston seem to have an excellent life with plenty of places to curl up for a nap or practice their gliding.

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