Roller Skating Duo’s Unbelievable Moves Nab First Golden Buzzer Of “AGT: Fantasy League.”

billy swinging emily around with flames coming from her skates

The chances are high that you’ve been on roller skates before. But Billy and Emily England are taking roller skating to a whole new level on AGT: Fantasy League.


This roller skating duo took the stage on a small circular platform and began with some pretty astonishing tricks. Rotating in a small circle, Billy England picked up Emily and started to spin her extremely quick, moving her around and at times holding her only inches from the stage!

The judges and audience were completely shocked — but the tricks weren’t done yet. After a quick bow, some stagehands came out and equipped the duo with new tools: flaming knives. These knives were stuck onto the front of Emily’s roller skates.

Then, Emily and Billy England got back to performing, this time with fiery knives!

Shocked and amazed by the performance, Mel B delivered a golden buzzer and the crowd went completely wild. Emily and Billy couldn’t believe it!

Emily and Billy England on roller skates
This image is from YouTube.

The duo are brother and sister, and they clearly have an incredible trust between them. I’ve hardly ever seen something so incredible. Check out the clip of Emily and Billy England for yourself above and make sure to tune in to AGT: Fantasy League for a new spin on the classic show.

The featured image for this post is from YouTube.

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