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Rookie Baseball Player Surprises Dad With Best News And The Video Is Melting Hearts.

The best parents spend time loving on their kids without asking for anything in return. These small moments of tossing a ball in the backyard or going out for ice cream really add up. After all, they tend to be the memories that kids cherish most when they grow up!

Robert Anthony Cruz of California has been playing baseball since he was a little boy. His dad Ron would work hard all day, but as soon as he got home each night, he would pitch balls to Robert in the backyard. All of that practice paid off when Robert went to college to play baseball. Recently, he was even up for the Major League Baseball draft! His name didn’t get called during the event itself, but he soon received a “surprise free agent contract” to join the Washington Nationals as a rookie!

In a video Robert shared on TikTok, he brings a Washington Nationals cap to his dad’s work to surprise him with the most amazing news ever. As soon as Ron sees Robert’s hat, he breaks into the world’s biggest grin! “Oh my God, congratulations, son,” the proud dad says.

We’re a puddle of tears over here! Watch the beautiful father-son moment in the video below, and don’t forget to share this emotional story.


My Dad is a gem. Hardest worker I know. My name wasn’t called in the draft, but I got a surprise free agent contract.

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