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16 Optical Illusion Paintings You’ll Need To Look At Twice To Understand.

Rob Gonsalves limited edition print called Sweet City

Artist Rob Gonsalves has an incredible ability to take the human mind and transport it into a world where the seemingly impossible might actually exist. Another great way to describe it: he makes you dream and wonder like a kid again!

Most would describe his works as surrealsim, but the term “Magic Realism” is a better description, as it adds a bit of magic to very realistic scenes. His process is extremely deliberate and the result of much conscious thought and decision making, not to mention extremely precise perspective painting technique.

These paintings take a few moments to comprehend, and it’s through this discovery process that Gonsalves opens up the space where reality and fantasy collide. His works are truly magical and inspire true wonder!


1. “On The High Seas”

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