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Man Road Trips 10,000 Miles & Dances With 100 Strangers For Epic Music Video.

Dance is a powerful tool for uniting people of different cultures. It has its own universal language that everyone can understand and appreciate no matter what the geographical location or citizen status happens to be.

In 2011, Matt Bray started his YouTube channel ProjectOneLife as a way of sharing all of the incredible fun he was having living his life to the fullest. For one of Matt’s adventures, he decided to pack up his car and go on a life changing road trip, dancing his way through the United States and Canada.


Over the course of the two-month video project, he racked up 10,000 miles in his car and gained 100 new friends. Matt choreographed a whole dance to the song “Gone” by JR JR and went from city to city teaching the moves to friends and random people who he met there on the spot.


Of course, the backgrounds were not limited to city landscapes only. From scenic lake views, music festivals, and the sights of a city from above a mountaintop, Matt’s video highlights many different types of people dancing with huge smiles on their faces and impeccable musical timing.


In fact, there is so much joy expressed throughout this dance video that you will find it very hard to keep from smiling and dancing in your chair as you watch this video. That is the powerful affect that the magic of dance has on the human mind: it can turn any mood and instantly lift your spirits.


Though it might have seemed scary to walk up to complete strangers and ask them to dance with him, the result for Matt was this incredible video of people across two countries dancing to his choreography and having a ton of fun doing it. Matt’s video proves that, even across thousands of miles, hundreds of people can unite together over an upbeat song and some good dance moves.

Watch this amazing video below and share with a friend who could use a dance party!