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Little Boy Terrified Of Pool Surprises Dad 2 Yrs Later & Jumps In Headfirst.

A lot can happen in two years, but it’s rare that we have video proof of just how far we’ve come.

Two years ago, Twitter user House Hampton of Little Rock, Arkansas shared a video of his oldest son RJ attempting to make his first dive into a swimming pool. The supportive dad was right there next to RJ as he climbed onto the diving board and bravely stepped towards the edge.


You can tell RJ really wants to dive, but he is crippled by fear. He trembles from head to toe, visibly shaking like a leaf in spite of his father’s encouragement and steadying hand on his shoulder. All around you can hear people urging the child to jump, but he simply can’t do it. Eventually he just sits on the edge of the diving board, dejected.

That video went viral two years ago, but now Hamp is back with a new video from this summer that shows just how far his little guy has come.


Now RJ is a few years older and wiser, and his confidence has grown tremendously. When Hamp took RJ and his little brother Elijah to the community pool he was sure to bring his camera along to capture RJ’s development in the water, and the resulting video is pure joy. To say he’s made great strides in the water is an understatement.

Without a moment’s hesitation, RJ steps up onto the diving board — a much bigger and higher diving board than the one that left him trembling in fear two years ago — and simply dives in headfirst. No fear, no drama, just done!


“RJ has come a LONG WAY!!!” Hamp wrote on Instagram. “He asked me if he could try to dive today and I couldn’t believe he went through with it!! He’s waayy ahead of my schedule!! This is what overcoming your fear looks like!!”

Two summers after going viral, this little guy has done it again but for a much better reason. He’s now the poster child for overcoming fears and never giving up!


Thanks to RJ’s bravery his little brother Elijah is now jumping into Hamp’s arms in the pool as well. Soon they won’t be able to get these two adorable brothers out of the water! What a wonderful moment. We’re so glad that this proud papa updated Twitter with RJ’s progress. This kid gives us all hope; if we don’t succeed, be like RJ and keep trying!

Watch the big dive below and be sure to share this video to make others smile too.

Little boy faces his fear of jumping into a pool

This little boy was absolutely terrified to jump in a pool two years ago, but this summer, he faced his fears and took the plunge. ❤️️

Posted by CBS News on Thursday, July 4, 2019

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