After Giving Her Last $20 To Stranger, Cashier Is Blown Away By Neighbors’ Response.

Have you ever gone to pay for something at a store, only to realize you forgot your wallet? It’s the worst feeling, and it’s exactly what happened to Rina Liou of Houston, Texas, when she rushed to Walgreens for an item she needed immediately.

Upon realizing her mistake, Rina panicked because she didn’t have time to go home and get her purse. That’s when cashier Rita Jackson Burns stepped in to save the day!

Even though Rita only had $20 left in her bank account, she offered to pay for the stranger’s order, which came out to $12.41.

Once Rina found out how much Rita had risked for her, she was determined to repay the kindness! She returned to Walgreens later that same day to pay Rita for the purchase and gave her a little extra to show her gratitude. Then Rina went on her neighborhood’s Nextdoor page and shared the sweet story.

As it turns out, Rita is well-known in the community because she’s always full of cheer and joy! People began commenting left and right to shower her with praise and even set up a GoFundMe “to make sure Ms. Rita has more than $20 in her account.”

In less than 24 hours, the GoFundMe campaign reached its goal of $5,000. There were still countless neighbors who wanted to give back, so they increased it to $8,000 and again to $10,000. Two weeks later, they had raised over $11,000 for the everyday hero!

Rita is floored by the support her community has shown, but we’re not! After all, when she was asked what drives her to be so kind to her customers, she said, “I just try to find something to talk to them about. To get them off their mind, maybe, just for a minute. … I try to treat people the way I want to be treated.”

What a powerful message! Thank you, Rita, for going above and beyond to spread kindness to everyone around you!

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