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Little Girl Pleads With Santa For Help & Lowe’s “Elves” Jump In To Save The Day.

One of the joys of Christmas is that for a few weeks every year, everyone can make a wishlist of things they want – not just need.

When nine-year-old Riley Bylone was given the opportunity to write a letter directly to Santa Claus, she didn’t supply him with a wishlist. The sweet girl asked the big man in red for help for a friend in need.


Riley took advantage of the “Letters for Santa” station at the Millville, Pennsylvania Lowe’s when she was visiting there with her family. The store has the station set up, complete with a great big mailbox, to help occupy kids while parents do some shopping.

Before shipping the letters off to the North Pole, Lowe’s employees look through them and smile at the kids’ wishes – typically race cars and Barbies. But, this year, Riley’s letter really stuck out.


In the letter, Riley wrote:

“Dear Santa, Kids in my class say you’re not real, but I still believe. I hope this doesn’t mean I’m a baby. Also, my friend lost her dad, and her family is living in her friend’s backyard. Please help! I hope it is ok to not ask for a present. Sincerely, Riley.”


The employees at Lowe’s couldn’t leave the job up to Santa alone, so they decided to step in. Many staff members took pictures of the letter and shared it on their social media accounts to try to track down Riley so they could help her friend. They were all so touched that a young girl would ask Santa for something like this instead of a toy or other material object.

Eventually, Santa’s Lowe’s Elves tracked Riley down (and discovered that her friend’s situation wasn’t entirely as dire as it seemed), but her parents still couldn’t be prouder. The nine-year-old explained that she asked Santa for help because “he’s the man that can do everything on Christmas” and she hopes that others will read her letter and decide to “help others” as well.

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