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Internet Rallies Around Homeless Artist And Helps Him Achieve His Wildest Dreams.

A few years ago, Richard Hutchins was a successful artist who worked with several big names in entertainment.

After suffering one misfortune after another, he reached his final straw when his Santa Monica, California, art studio burned to the ground. Without anywhere else to go, Richard took to the streets of Los Angeles for more than a year.

Although he was experiencing homelessness, Richard never gave up hope that he would recover his career and make a lasting impact on the art world.

Last Easter Sunday, Richard was at his customary spot outside of Ralph’s supermarket in LA when the “Dream Machine” rolled up. The van was driven by Charlie Rocket, a former Grammy-winning talent manager-turned-Nike model whose own brush with death changed his life. Charlie was just 29 when he survived a brain tumor, and the experience inspired him to start a nonprofit and tour the country to help others.

“I want to dedicate my life to making other people’s dreams come true, and I got the bus and I started going across America,” he said.

When Charlie spotted Richard outside of Ralph’s that day, he stopped to ask him a few questions. When he asked about the stranger’s greatest dream, Richard told him, “My dream is to walk into a museum someday and see one of my paintings hanging on the wall.”

Moved, Charlie shared Richard’s story with his millions of social media followers, and within minutes, the donations started pouring in. Richard’s story struck a nerve with people everywhere!

Within three hours, Charlie’s fans had donated $40,000 to help get Richard back on his feet, and that was just the beginning. Charlie’s foundation started selling Richard’s artwork on his very own website, and the proceeds kept going up, up, up!


Richard has been homeless for 6 years. Today, we made his art website & he’s made $50k so far & is living his dream. 🥺❤️ #fypp #homeless #foryou

♬ Turning Page – Sydney Rose

When they hit $50,000 in earnings, Charlie knew it was time to spring the next surprise on his new friend. A Los Angeles art gallery agreed to feature Richard’s work and hold an opening for him – complete with red carpet treatment!

During the event, one of Richard’s paintings was auctioned off for $23,000. His earnings now are well into six figures, and he’s on his way to becoming the first formerly homeless man to become a millionaire!

“This night is not for me, but for every homeless or every artist on the streets out there,” Richard told the crowd.

He vowed to use his newfound fame and fortune to help other artists who have fallen on tough times.


Richard is proof that everything is possible regardless of your current situation. Miracles do exist 🥺❤️ #fypp #homeless #foryou #kind

♬ To Build a Home – Slowed – SelteMemset

All of this came about because of a chance encounter in the parking lot of Ralph’s! Charlie is fulfilling his mission to help others, while Richard is now in a position to offer a leg up to other struggling artists out there. What better way is there to celebrate our good fortune than by helping others?

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