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Blind Child With Autism Becomes Piano Prodigy, 19-Yrs-Later Uses Skill To Bring Hope To Others.

When Rex Lewis Clark was only 7-years-old he began playing the piano for crowds and audiences across the country. The young wunderkind played with the skill of a learned master, but the real surprise? Clark was born with blindness and severe autism.

Clark is one in a million… or so you’d think. The 26-year-old spent much of his young adulthood playing piano for audiences around the world, but he often felt isolated. Instead of giving up his music career, Clark decided to start a group dedicated to empowering the ‘disabled’ with a voice of their own… and the results have been incredible.

Clark’s performance group, Rex and Friends, travels around the world playing sold out concerts to every kind of music lover. The musicians may not be able to participate in ‘normal’ life activities, but each and every one has unparalleled skill on their instrument of choice. Rex and Friends have two goals to accomplish: Entertain the audience with symphony quality music and raise awareness for how capable the ‘disabled’ truly are to chase their dreams.

Rex and Friends proves one thing… everyone in this world has the capacity for great things. But for them to succeed we must give them a chance.

Check out Rex’s incredible mission in the video below.

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