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Revenge On Goldilocks? Bear Breaks Into House And Makes Herself Right At Home.

A mama bear and three cubs in a Canton resident's yard.

Break-ins are on the rise in Connecticut, but not by burglars. According to the Department of Energy and Environmental Protection (DEEP), the culprits are bears! Just recently, a Canton homeowner frantically called 911 to report that two bears had broken into his house while his son was inside, alone. The duo, a mama bear and her cub, had gotten into the house through a window.

“He just called me. He’s frantic. He says there’s a bear inside the house,” the parent said during the emergency call, according to local outlet WVIT.  

A black bear cub hanging out in a tree in a residential area.
Video Screengrab from WVIT

Police have since reported that, thankfully, no one was injured during the home invasion. Apparently, the bears helped themselves to some dog food while they were there. DEEP officials tranquilized the mother bear, then safely relocated her and her family.

Neighbor Robin Bahre reported that something similar happened to her just a week ago. A bear and three cubs broke into her garage, stealing food from her freezer.

“I saw her walking out that way with the box in her mouth and two of the cubs behind her and one of the other cubs climbed out the tree,” Robin said.

Canton resident Robin Bahre reports on bear home invasions.
Video Screengrab from WVIT

She added that she’s seen that particular family of bears around the neighborhood before.

“We probably see them four out of seven days a week,” she said.

Regarding the increased number of bear-related home invasions, DEEP Biologist Jenny Dickson said that it’s up to human residents to make sure they aren’t inadvertently attracting the animals with bird feeders, garbage cans, or anything else resembling food.

A mama bear and three cubs in a Canton resident's yard.
Video Screengrab from WVIT

“The more we can think in doing our part to try and prevent them from learning bad behaviors in the first place, the more likely we can keep the bears safe and ourselves safe,” DEEP Biologist Jenny Dickson said.

For her part, Robin reported that she’d be taking measures to keep the unwelcome guests from returning to her freezer.

“I will be closing my garage door whenever I’m home rather than … I’ve always left it open, but I’m not going to leave it open anymore,” she said.

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