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Rescued Raccoons Go On Amazing Weight Loss Journey At Their New Furever Home.

raccoon transformation

Mo and Savvy were so overweight that they couldn’t even climb. The most natural behavior for a raccoon, scurrying up a tree branch and frolicking, was lost to them. Until they got to Arctic Fox Daily Wildlife Rescue.

obese raccoon

They started their lives as illegal pets. Unfortunately, this isn’t an uncommon problem. It’s not unusual for well-meaning citizens to try to keep wildlife as pets. However, outside of the legality of this issue (because it is illegal to keep a wild raccoon as a pet in most places), the issue of the animal’s health almost always comes into play. 

Mo and Savvy are perfect examples of this. Wild animals don’t have the same nutritional requirements as your dog or cat. When they get the wrong diet, things can go really poorly for the animal. 

obese raccoon can't climb

These two raccoons were incredibly obese because of an inappropriate diet. Their obesity was so severe that the two couldn’t climb properly and had extremely limited mobility. This is something that was 100% preventable if these animals got the proper care that they needed from the start. 

Luckily for Mo and Savvy, Kimberly DeFisher of Arctic Fox Daily Wildlife Rescue knew immediately what to do to help them lose weight and get on the path to healthy living. She started by modifying their diet to include only raccoon-appropriate foods. That accomplished, Kimberly tackled the pair’s activity level. 

She provided Mo and Savvy with a new enclosure and lots of climbing opportunities. 

obese raccoons climbing

As they continued to lose weight and regain some of their characteristic raccoon energy, Kimberly decided it was time for an upgrade. She designed an outdoor run for their enclosure to expand the amount of space Mo and Savvy had to run and play. 

Of course, upon entering their new ru, the cutest of zoomies ensued. 

raccoon zoomies

With hard work and dedication, Kimberly has changed the lives of these two raccoons for the better. Her rescue also houses a number of other non-releasable wildlife and fur farm rescues as well. If you’d like to support her cause you can find different ways to contribute here

See Mo and Savvy’s story and all their wonderful antics:

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