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Rescue Puppy Won’t Stop Interrupting Weatherman During Hilarious Live Broadcast.

It’s not uncommon for local news stations to have adoptable pets hang out in the studio for news segments as a way to encourage viewers to save an animal at a shelter. It’s usually pretty sweet, and likely a nice break from the usual for the staff at the station.

One Canadian reporter had a rescue pup, Ripple, help him deliver his show’s weather segment. During the report, it quickly became (hilariously) clear that Ripple either wanted to distract viewers from the frigid temperatures they were about to face or he just simply had no interest in the weather.


Weather reporter, Mike Sobel has been working for Edmonton’s Global News Morning show for a number of years, where he serves as a weather specialist. Like all reporters, he’s used to having furry cohosts from time to time and seems to really enjoy the opportunity to snuggle on an animal (who wouldn’t want to break up their workday like that?!).


During one broadcast, Mike was attempting to update viewers on the upcoming weather as he held sweet Ripple on a leash. Mike gave a little background information on the pup, noting that he was only a year-and-a-half old. So, Ripple was still a puppy – and was definitely acting like one.

As Mike worked to get through his short segment, Ripple pulled on his leash, causing the reporter to lose his balance repeatedly (don’t worry, he quickly regained it each time). Within seconds of starting the report, Mike clearly realized he was in over his head, and that this was not a standard, low-key cohost.


As Mike tried to tell viewers what to expect in the (very cold) coming days, Ripple tugged at his leash as a way to tell the weather specialist “I’m not here for work, buddy.” Throughout the segment, Mike tried to regain his composure, only for Ripple to jump up and try to play again. By the end of the short report, Ripple had tugged on his leash so hard, he broke free of it. But, instead of running away like most pups would do, Ripple stayed where he was, determined to get Mike to blow off work and play with him.

Despite all of his years of experience, the weather specialist was clearly caught off guard and had to do his very best to remain professional in between bouts of laughter. It’s hard to imagine any viewer had a complaint about the segment because chances are good they were laughing right along with the reporter and the pup.


But the best news of all is that because of this hilarious interaction Ripple found his forever home with a new Great Dane sibling to play with. His new owners are so excited to see him play in their 3 acre fenced yard and understandably… teach him a few manners.

Watch their first meeting in the video below – and be sure to share it with anyone who could use a good laugh today!

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