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Record-Breaking Number Of Manatees Counted At Blue Spring State Park In Florida.

A sign shows that a record number of manatees were spotted.

Just a couple of days ago, almost a thousand manatees were spotted hanging out at Blue Spring State Park in Florida. This easily breaks the previous record set on New Year’s Day 2024, when 736 of these animals were seen congregating in the water. An incredible photo shared by the park on Facebook shows the fascinating creatures enjoying the spring. They look so peaceful relaxing underwater!

“RECORD-BREAKING MORNING AT BLUE SPRING STATE PARK!” reads the caption. “Happy manatee season everyone! Our previous record on New Year’s Day 2024 was 736.”

A record number of manatees under water at Blue Spring State Park.

According to Southwest Florida Water Management District, there’s a reason so many manatees head for springs during the winter. These animals aren’t equipped for cold weather, but Florida’s springs can help them stay warm. Sometimes they remain in these waters for weeks without feeding! Often, they’ll save their energy by keeping still near the bottom of the water. However, they do have to routinely come up for air.

A sign shows that a record number of manatees were spotted.

Although the manatees hanging out at Blue Spring State Park may seem sluggish, these animals can be playful when they’re not waiting out frigid temperatures. Take this adorable camera thief, for example!

You can find the source of this story’s featured image here.

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