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15 Insanely Realistic Versions Of Popular Animated Characters

No matter how many artist’s renditions of animated characters we see, we’ll never get tired of them!

Artist Hidreley Diao, however, takes a bit of a different approach. He uses Artificial Intelligence (AI) to create hyper-realistic versions of cartoon characters, and we’re in absolute awe! We’ve collected our 15 favorites below, and we hope you enjoy them as much as we did.

1. We didn’t think we could picture Ariel’s hair color as anything other than ACTUAL red, but this is perfect!

2. Prince Eric looks suspiciously like Henry Cavill, according to the comment section.

3. Some think Tinker Bell also has a celebrity look-alike: Taylor Swift!

4. Snow White looks perfect… but why does it look like we’re handing her the poisoned apple?!

4. Realistic Carl Fredricksen has us looking around for a talking dog.

5. This one took us a minute, but it’s the stepmother from Cinderella!

6. What would realistic Rapunzel do with all her hair?

7. We can just HEAR Merida’s Scottish accent!

8. “I’ll make a man out of youuuu.”

9. Joe Gardner from Soul!

10. Somehow realistic Ursula is even MORE terrifying.

11. Hercules looks like he belongs in High School Musical.

12. Isabela is looking picture perfect as always!

13. We’ll never get over the plot twist when Hans turned out to be evil.

14. We’ll never get over how accurate Elsa is. You might say we can’t… let it go.

15. Of course, the Frozen ensemble wouldn’t be complete without Kristoff!

Hidreley’s work is so good we wouldn’t question it if any of these people walked by us on the street. We would probably try and remember why they looked so familiar, though.

Seriously, combining technology with art gives us mind-blowing results, and we look forward to seeing what this talented artist does next.

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