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Hakuna Matata! Real-Life Timon And Pumbaa Find A Loving Home Together.

timon the dog smiling as he sits on top of pumbaa the pig's back. pumbaa is standing as he eats.

“Hakuna matata… it means no worries for the rest of our days!”

Fans of Disney’s “The Lion King” may recognize a pair of shelter animals who were recently rescued from their owners in New River, Arizona. One is a large, gray 10-year-old pig named Pumba. The other is a tiny Chihuahua named Timon. They may not be a meerkat and a warthog, but the similarities between these bonded pals and the real Timon and Pumbaa can’t be missed!


Timon and Pumbaa were taken in by the Arizona Humane Society. When they couldn’t provide the medical care Pumbaa needed, they called their friends at Petter Piggies Rescue, one of the only sanctuaries in Arizona that specializes in rescuing pigs. When they heard that Pumbaa came with a sidekick, they opened their doors to Timon, too!

“Immediately, AHS staff saw just how strong of a bond these two have, especially when Pumbaa is kind enough to allow Timon to hitch a ride on his back from time to time,” the Human Society shared.

In a Facebook post, they explained that “it’s not always recommended that pigs and dogs live together,” but it was clear to shelter workers that they were a bonded pair who needed to stay together.

Once Pumbaa is fixed, he would ordinarily join the other hogs out in the field. Instead, they discovered he has a charming personality and has “made himself right at home” in the sanctuary’s front lobby area.

“He’s a natural greeter, and I can’t wait for everyone to meet him when we start up tours in September,” they wrote. “Plus he needs to be near his best friend, Timon, who we are working with to become a sanctuary dog.”

The shelter is currently accepting donations to care for both Timon and Pumbaa as well as all of their other piggie pals.

We’re so glad that Better Piggies is able to keep these two BFFs together forever. We’re sure they’ll have the best life, surrounded by animal lovers who appreciate them. Hakuna matata!

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