Real Life Tarzan Climbs 200 ft Tree To Get Honey For His Family. I’m In Awe!

When thinking about honey, most in the modern world probably imagine a sweet brown condiment sitting in a bear-shaped container. But for a man living deep in the Congo, it means possible death.

Tete is a brave man who wants to provide his family nourishment. So upon hearing about the discovery of honey in nearby huge tree, he was immediately on his way to collect. But that meant scouring a 200-foot-tall tree, using just a liana vine, to reach it.

“When climbing big trees, you have to empty your heart of fear,” Tete says. Not only for the tree, but also for the swarm of bees protecting their hives. Imagine: Climbing a tree of incredible heights all while being surrounded and stung by bees. Wow.

But still, Tete pushes through. In fact, to actually acquire the honey, he must “abandon the security of his vine” when he reaches the top.

This man is willing to risk his life to retrieve food for his family. Watch his brave trek in the video below!

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