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Real-Life Lassie: Dog Runs Four Miles To Get Help After Dad Crashes Into Ravine

man holding dog

This video is one of the most powerful clips I’ve seen in a while. When this Oregon man was in need of saving, his dog ran to get him help. The dog rescue saved his life.

All the more reason to be thankful for our favorite four-legged friends.


An Oregon man and his four dogs accidentally drove off of an embankment, stranding him in the woods. That’s when one of the dogs, named Blue, traveled four miles to alert the man’s family at a nearby camp site. #news #oregon #dog #dogs

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Brandon Garrett went on a trip with his four pups and took a turn that flipped his truck far into a ravine. With the situation looking dire, Brandon’s dog, Blue, leapt out of the car.

Blue wasn’t fleeing the scene, though. Instead, Blue ran four miles back to the campsite where Brandon’s family was staying. This powerful act of loyalty from Blue the Dog was paramount to saving this man’s life.

truck flipped over
This image is from TikTok.

Blue and the family headed back to the ravine and, while they found the vehicle, they couldn’t get to it because of the steepness of the land.

The next day, Search & Rescue joined the efforts and located him, pulled him out, and airlifted him to a nearby hospital.

A dog saving a man is a thing of the movies — but Blue is a real hero. Hopefully, his dad has given him a big selection of treats!

Garrett has since returned home and is safe recovering in the comfort of his family and pups.

man on a stretcher
This image is from TikTok.

The story was highlighted on CBS News and has taken social media by storm. Folks headed to the comment section to share their amazement with this rescue tale (or… tail?).

“Wow, absolutely amazing. I am so happy they are all okay,” said one of the video’s viewers.

“Blue is man’s best friend,” commented another.

This accident is a thing of nightmares. But because of Blue’s devotion to his dad, Brandon made it home safe.

The featured image for this post is from TikTok.

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