“Real Estate Broker Disillusioned With Life” Shares The Oddest Homes — Here’s 10 Of The Best.

If you’ve ever browsed homes online that are for sale just for fun, then you likely understand just how wacky places can get. Whether it be through the décor or the building’s layout, there are some simply some places that are the definition of quirky. A Facebook user in Lithuania not only understands this but has made an entire parody account based on it.


Pretending to be a Real Estate Broker, this person shares photos of the houses they’re trying to sell — though, in reality, they’re just photos homes this person has discovered online and just had to share. Needless to say, there are quite a few memorable photos. I’ve gathered 10 of my favorites for you to peruse below!

1. I wonder if this person has seen the “Barbie” movie…

2. When you need to build a staircase but you like a challenge.

A staircase that twists and turns.

3. Interesting… but there are parts of the wall that aren’t painted black, so someone really dropped the ball there.

A narrow hall-like bathroom with a toilet and shelves above it. Most of the wall, along with the toilet, have been painted black. A small section of the wall at the top of the photo is a white/beige color.

4. Okay, but why is this actually pretty cool? It’s called a conversation starter.

5. You do what you can with the space you’re given.

A bedroom with a weird layout. There's a brick wall with built-in shelves with an alcove for the bed that's on a risen platform. The tv is on the opposite wall of the bed and is at an angle where it doesn't seem it can be viewed from the bed.

6. Because why not, you know?

A small, wooden building within a home. It has a glass door, window, and partial roof that leads to the ceiling. It appears to be a sauna.

7. It’s not the worst bathtub layout in this list, that’s for sure.

8. I feel like someone can work with this.

Room with a wall that's entirely covered by a detailed mural. There are giant pillars and a staircase that leads to beautiful water, trees, and a waterfall in the distance.

9. Honestly? Kind of brilliant.

A bathroom with an entertainment center with a TV on top that's right next to the toilet.

10. I told you that other bathtub layout wasn’t the worst one on this list.

A kitchen where all of the countertops and cabinets are on the left side against the wall. There are also drawers, a stove, and a sink. On the right side is almost an entirely empty wall except for a tub in the very back corner. There's only a few feet between the kitchen side and the bathtub side and nothing dividing the two spaces.

Sure, these homes may not be move-in ready, but they definitely leave an impression! Plus, in the right hands, they could turn into true masterpieces that folks can’t stop looking at — for good reason, this time.

You can find the sources of this story’s featured image here and here!

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