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Pearl Harbor Veteran’s Dying Request Shocks Family, Rejoins Fallen Shipmates In Tearjerking Ceremony.

Raymond Haerry was 19 years old the day that Japan attacked Pearl Harbor. In the panic of the moments that followed, Raymond was gathering ammo aboard the USS Arizona when a large bomb struck the ship in the bow. The blast ignited ammunition aboard the battleship that ripped the 29,630 ton vessel in two.

Raymond survived the blast and swam to shore where he fired at Japanese plane’s from the shore with a rifle. When the attack finally subsided, he helped pull the 1,177 sailors that perished in the attack from the water. Raymond did not return to Pearl Harbor for 94 years, but now he has been reunited with his shipmates forever.

ABC News

As the retired Master Chief requested, he was interred aboard the sunken USS Arizona in a ceremony that was both solemn and beautiful.


Raymond’s family watched as his ashes were lowered into the hands of waiting US Navy divers that delivered his remains to the hull of his beloved ship. They watched as ‘black tears’ of oil bubbled up from a ship that was destroyed 75 years ago.

The hero was finally laid to rest his crew.


“That was the point at which I kind of lost it,” Raymond’s grandaughter, Jessica Marino, said. “It was really sad, but also really sweet to see. It was amazing.”

Check out the somber, incredible moment in the video below! Share to honor the memory of our departed Veterans.

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