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Raylan The Former Foster Dog Has The Cutest New Adopted Kitten!

raylan the dog raises a kitten

Raylan the dog, a former foster himself, has made waves in the past for his dedication to fostering abandoned and orphaned kittens. This amazing pooch has been fostering kittens for over nine years, and has raised over 100 kittens! 

His latest adoptee, an orange stray kitten, is absolutely precious. 

raylan the dog and kitten

Raylan’s owner shared the new kitten on their Instagram story, explaining that the kitten was a stray someone had brought into their work to take care of for “a couple hours.” Of course, Raylan took to the new arrival instantly. 

Thankfully for the kitten, Raylan’s owner is more than well-versed in caring for stray kittens, and immediately got the little one medical attention. They updated their Instagram story to let everyone know the little kitten was still hanging in there. 

kitten at vet

Once the kitten was safely back in their care, Raylan the dog went to work with some top-notch parenting. When it comes to kittens, Raylan knows the best way to make a new arrival feel at home, a nice sunbeam, and a good place to nap with good company. 

raylan the dog and kitten

Under Raylan’s careful guidance, the kitten, named Terry, grew like a weed. Raylan’s owner shared the little one’s progress every few days. You can see the adorable kitten grow into a young cat! 

kitten with bow
kitten grows up

Raylan the dog has touched the lives of many young cats with his gentle care. Take Raylan’s example and do something positive for some homeless kittens in your town. Don’t have the ability to foster a kitten yourself? Perhaps next time you’re at the grocery store, you could buy a few cans of cat food to donate to your local shelter. 

Even the little things we do can make a big difference! Try to make a difference in any way you can, and the world will be a better place for it. If Raylan the dog can do it, you can too!

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