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Rawr-Some Adventure! Airline Gives Kid’s Dinosaur Toy The VIP Treatment.

Little boy with his mouth wide open, as if screaming, being silly as his toy dinosaur "bites" his head.

How do dinosaurs fly on a plane? In VIP style!

As one little boy has discovered, the sky’s the limit when it comes to keeping passengers comfortable and safe while up in the air – at least for Southwest Airlines. Employees at California’s Burbank airport went above and beyond the call of duty to safeguard a child’s treasured toy on a recent flight to Spokane, Washington.

When 8-year-old Rowan Francois first got his toy dinosaur on vacation, he never considered the logistics of transporting it back home. After all, what kid doesn’t want a super-sized version of this prehistoric reptile? Once Francois boarded the plane, however, the fear of losing his dinosaur was ever-present throughout the journey.

“It’s almost as big as me,” said Francois. “I thought it was going to break the whole time.”

Glo Jones, baggage checker, admitted that she had never encountered a toy of this magnitude in over two decades of employment at California’s Burbank airport.

Lucky for Rowan, Bryant Cisneraos was on the job and up for the challenge. Bryant is a baggage handler for Southwest Airlines. He and his colleagues soon made it their mission to protect the toy dinosaur from any damage.

“It wasn’t in the box, so our main concern was taking care of it,” Cisneraos said. “We gave it a specific cart by itself, took it to the gate, and when we loaded the dinosaur in the bin, we put it in the center bin, which is by himself.”

Thanks to some everyday heroes, Rowan and his toy dinosaur arrived at their destination in flawless, pre-flight condition. Chock it up to another toy story with a happy ending!

Watch Rowan and his dino buddy in the video below, and don’t forget to share.

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