“Your House Is On Fire!” Brave FedEx Driver Rushes To Save Family In Need.

Rashad Conwell has worked as a FedEx driver for eight years now.

He has gotten to know the people who live along his regular route in Tega Cay, South Carolina, by name. He even knows who is typically home during the day and who is not.

“The area is great,” Rashad said. “I know everybody by name. Most everybody by name. I know their kids, their dogs, what kind of cars they drive. I’m very used to this area and they’re very used to me.”

On a recent Tuesday afternoon, Rashad was out on deliveries when he spotted something awry at one of the homes. There was smoke billowing out from the garage. Knowing this family is typically home during the day, Rashad leapt from his truck and ran to the front door.

When the resident opened the door, she assumed he was delivering a package. Instead, she got the shock of her life.

“Ma’am, your house is on fire!” Rashad told her. He helped her and her grandchild escape from the house, and within minutes, the whole garage was in flames.

Another man working in the neighborhood saw the smoke and ran to warn the homeowners as well. Randy Mohammad rang their doorbell and told them what he’d seen, leading a resident named John to leave the room over the garage where he’d been working.

“It was so hot. I have burns on my nose and on my face, I just ran down the side of the driveway to get away from it,” John said. “If they didn’t knock on the door to tell us to get out, I would have been sitting in that room above the garage.”

Thanks to Rashad and Randy’s bravery, John, his wife, their grandson, and their dog all made it out alive. Their home is a total loss, but they feel incredibly fortunate to have escaped thanks to the kindness of two strangers.

All in a day’s work! Learn more about the rescue in the video below, and share this story to thank these men for dropping everything to save this family.

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