Dad Teaches Daughter How To Handle Anger With Powerful Advice We Should All Hear.

dad speaking to his daughter.

Dads rule! But today, one dad in particular has our vote for Father of the Year thanks to a heartwarming video that shows him giving his daughter some much-needed advice.

In the video, Randy Gaines is crouching down to speak to one of his daughters, who is sitting on a table, at eye level.

“You don’t always have to be happy, you don’t always have to be silly or funny, you don’t have to be anything,” he tells her. “The important thing is – whenever you’re feeling that way – to not just stay there all the time. You want to accept it, you want to honor it, you want to acknowledge it, and let it go.”

Is that not the most excellent advice you’ve ever heard on how to deal with anger or sadness? We could benefit from it! But knowing that it was given in an exchange between a father and young daughter makes it so much better.

As the video goes on, you learn that Randy had been joking with his daughter earlier that day and called her a name he often kids with her about. But that day, she wasn’t having it.

Rather than telling her she was being unreasonable, Randy handled her feelings in the best way: by taking his own advice and talking through it.

“My heart explodes when he connects to his girls like this,” writes Randy’s wife in the video’s caption. “No yelling. No screaming. Talking. Discussing emotions and why we have such feelings.” 

The caption also explains that neither Randy nor his wife saw this tenderness in their own childhoods, but together they’re teaching their girls they are “still loved no matter what.”

What a precious moment between this father and daughter! We can all learn a thing or two from Randy’s parenting skills and his advice as well.

Watch the heartwarming conversation between Randy and his daughter below, and share to make someone’s day.

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