Little Girl Is Too Sick To Visit Mountains So Police Bring Snow To Her.

For people who live in warmer climates, there is a good reason, they don’t like being cold! Even so, pretty much everyone likes at least one snow day a year – especially if they have little kids who want to play in it.

Sandee and Adam Walker live in Arizona with their three young kids. Despite living in the hot climate, they still like to take a trip to the high country every year to let their kids play in the snow. Unfortunately, this year, their youngest wasn’t able to go because of a health condition, but their local police department made sure she didn’t have to miss out on the fun.


Quinn, who is now two-years-old, was born with a birth defect that caused parts of her hearts to not fully develop. At only one-week-old, the little fighter underwent her first heart surgery and is set to have her third in the near future.

Since Quinn often requires oxygen, her doctors didn’t feel comfortable with her going into the mountains for the trip to see the snow. Upon hearing the news, Sandee shared her disappointment on Facebook. Since Adam is a Fire Engineer in the community, word started to spread around the public sector, and the local police department decided that if Quinn couldn’t go see the snow, they’d bring the snow to her.


The police department arranged for five tons of snow to be delivered to Quinn’s home one Friday morning so that she could have a fun-filled snow day with her family and friends. There was enough snow to completely cover the Walker’s yard.

Sandee and Adam were completely overwhelmed by the gesture. Adam told a local news outlet, “First responders are a big, supportive family and we very much appreciate what they’re doing for Quinn” and Sandee said she had been “tearing up all morning” as she watched her three kids enjoy the snow.

Casa Grande Dispatch

As if bringing a personal snowfall to Quinn wasn’t enough, Mike Bejarano, who coordinated the event, also brought hot chocolate and all the makings for a snowman, right down to the carrot nose and scarf.


Everyone in the family’s community seemed to be moved by the generous effort. Adam’s fire department posted a status on Facebook recognizing the police department for the kindness they showed the Walkers. But, Cpl. Bejarano didn’t do any of this for recognition, he did it for Quinn. He said, his only motivation was “to see [Quinn] come out and have a smile and play in the snow and play with her brothers”.


It’s safe to say that Quinn’s personal snow day was way more fun and memorable than the trip up north would have been.

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