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Quick-Thinking Pizza Delivery Man Saves Kidnapped Woman When He Notices Important Detail

A pizza guy wearing a Taylor Swift hoodie.

A pizza guy became a hero when he saved a woman from a life-threatening situation during what seemed like an ordinary delivery. Joey Grundl was working for a Domino’s in Wisconsin when the restaurant received an order from a home in Waldo. He knew that something was very wrong as soon as soon as a man answered the door. In the background, Joey could see a woman in distress. She had a black eye, and she was trying to get the delivery driver’s attention!

“She pointed to her black eye and then mouthed, ‘Help me,'” Joey told WISN. “And then, it was maybe 30 seconds later, she mouthed again, ‘Call the police.'”

So, the pizza delivery guy returned to his vehicle and immediately called the police — an action that would save the woman’s life. It turns out that she was being held hostage by her ex-boyfriend, Dean Hoffman, who wanted to get back together. When the woman refused, he threatened to shoot her and then himself.

A house in Wisconsin where a woman's life was saved.
Screengrab from YouTube

By the time Joey Grundl arrived on the scene, the victim had already been beaten, tied up, and held as a prisoner in her own home for several hours. Newsweek tells us that, thankfully, Dean had at least released his ex-girlfriend from her bonds at that point. If this woman hadn’t been able to secretly signal the pizza guy, he never would have known to make the 911 call that saved her life.

This pizza guy who saved a woman’s life was in for an incredible surprise.

After this ordeal, Dean Hoffman was arrested and Joey Grundl was hailed as a hero. However, his moment in the spotlight led to a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity he never could have imagined! During his interview with WISN, he happened to be wearing a Taylor Swift hoodie. He was a big fan, and he was really excited to see her perform on her Reputation tour.

A pizza guy wearing a Taylor Swift hoodie.
Screengrab from YouTube

What Joey Grundl didn’t know was that the popstar had already heard about the pizza guy who saved a woman by calling the police. So, he was completely taken by surprise at the concert when Taylor Swift wanted to meet him. In a way, she was kind of a fan of his, too! According to WISN, the singer said that it was “cool to see something where somebody stepped up.”

Taylor Swift was right — it is awesome to see someone intervene when he could very easily have ignored the situation. Not only did this pizza guy save a woman’s life, but his story also showed us how important it is to respond when someone needs help!

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