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Quadruple Amputee Has The Most Amazing Outlook On Life Of Anyone You’ve Ever Heard.

“I woke up on my 21st birthday to find I had no arms or legs.”

Meet the man with one of the most incredible outlooks on life you’ve ever heard.

Travis Mills is one of five surviving quadruple amputees from the conflict in Iraq and Afghanistan. In the days following his horrific injury, Travis began to feel hopeless, “I couldn’t pick anything up or open any jars. I really didn’t think I had any worth. I told my wife to leave me, to take everything and go.â€

But all that changed when he looked down at his 6-month-old daughter laying on his chest. “At that moment I realized I had to get better. I had to make sure I pushed forward.”

Travis The Movie

After considering how he could help other veterans like him, Travis and his wife started a non-profit organization called the Travis Mills Foundation to “try and bring in people that have been wounded overseas that are now recalibrated warriors.â€

Travis The Movie

These heroes are already well on their way to recovery, but many of them feel like a shadow of their former selves. Travis wants to give every wounded vet the chance to play their guitar again, spend an afternoon fishing and pick up their children once more.

When its all said and done, the recovery process is more about healing broken confidence and restoring hope to hurting men and women than physical recuperation.

Travis The Movie

“They’re no longer wounded, but they might need help relearning how to kayak, canoe, swim and fish. [We give them a chance] to get their confidence back so they can go out in public and do whatever they need to do.â€

Travis The Movie 

I want people in my situation to know that it’s ok, the way you look. It’s ok to struggle, you’re gonna fall down but don’t be embarrassed about it.”The way Travis sees it, instead of saying “what could be worse”always know it’s going to get better.

Check out the video below for a glimpse of Travis’s amazing perspective on life. 

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