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Cutest Lesson: Puppy Teaches Little Boy How To Use Slide.

puppy teaches boy to use slide

Few things come close to the bond between a child and their dog. Dogs aren’t called “man’s best friend” for nothing, and a boy and his dog have a precious bond that can define his childhood and teach him numerous life lessons. 

This life lesson, however, is a rather lighthearted one! Because this adorable puppy is working their hardest to teach their boy how to use the slide. 

puppy teaches boy how to use slide

In the video, the puppy dashes up the play set and slides joyfully down the slide, looking expectedly at her boy waiting at the top of the slide. 

The puppy is obviously trying to encourage the child to slide down the slide. The pup continuously dashes down, stealing glance after glance to see if the boy will follow her. 

The child, however, is simply enjoying watching the puppy’s antics. He’s focused more on playing with his puppy than he is on using the slide! The results of this situation are great for us, because it means that the puppy just continues their efforts of joyful dashing and sliding for well over a minute! 

puppy teaching child how to use slide

There’s something incredibly heartwarming about watching a child play with their furry best friend. It brings an air of nostalgia for your own childhood pup, and serves as a reminder to appreciate the little things in life. At that age, it was easy for your only care in the world to be this adorable puppy of yours playing on the slide. Take a few minutes every day to reflect back to those simpler times, and appreciate your own pets now. 

Pets bring us joy and comfort, we just have to remember to take a few moments to appreciate that — and them! 

Enjoy a few moments of pure bliss between this puppy and child in the video below:


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