Adorable Pup Escorts 5-Yr-Old BFF On And Off The School Bus Every Day.

Dogs take on many roles when it comes to their human pals. They’re our best friends, confidants, and protectors, to name a few.

Thanks to her sweet pup, one little girl always feels safe while traveling to and from school. With an adorable fluffy escort by her side, she never has to wait for her bus or walk home alone!

dog takes girl to school bus

The dog lives with the 5-year-old and her mom in Xinyang, China. They welcomed the precious nugget into their lives about six months ago.

Soon after, the pup began accompanying their favorite tiny human to the bus stop each morning and returning to greet her after school. When their mom recorded these heartwarming drop-offs and shared the videos on Douyin, she explained that the pup is both loyal and smart. Ultimately, she hopes to show the world how faithful and protective dogs can be.

“Although it is just a little dog, [it] can distinguish the sound of a school bus,” she said. “It does this every morning and afternoon for my daughter.”

dog takes girl to school bus

But the sweetest part of these interactions? The dog’s reaction when the girl exits the bus! Tail wagging furiously, the cutie obviously couldn’t be happier to see her!

Viewers around the world can’t help but fall in love! “The dog is so clever,” one person wrote. “It would only leave after the bus drove away.”

Another added, “Fur-kids are smart and loyal. You give them food, and they stay loyal to you their whole life.”

dog welcomes girl home

What a good dog — and what a lucky little girl! Our pets make such wonderful companions because they’re always there for us and they keep us safe. Here’s to many more years of friendship between these adorable besties!

Check out their cute bus stop routine in the video below, and share this story with your friends to make them smile.

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