Pumpkin The Capybara Being Astoundingly Adorable And Melting Our Hearts.

pumpkin the capybara lounging

I’ll be honest, readers. Pumpkin the Capybara is my #1 favorite celebrity.


She’s about as cute as it gets.

Pumpkin is training to be an educational pet, but she’s certainly educated all of us on how adorable a capybara is capable of being.

This is really just a fan-girl post about Pumpkin’s cuteness, which I’m sure you will appreciate as much as I do.

Look at her getting snuggled!


This is Pumpkin! She’s an education animal in training. Animal ambassadors need tons of socialization and desensitization work to help them become comfortable interacting with people. #animalambassador #capybara #capybaratiktok #animalsoftiktok #babyanimals #animalvideos #cuteanimals #fypage #foru

♬ original sound – DarkWingsWildlife

The whole world is obsessed with her. Over a million folks have seen her getting her tummy scratched.

“Omg I’ve never seen a capybara smile before!!” said one fan of Pumpkin.

“Pure bliss! OMG this is killing me! I need capybaras in my life NOW,” said another.

Here is a selection of some of my favorite Pumpkin the Capybara moments:

1. Pumpkin is ready for her close-up.

2. Pumpkin loves to chill.

3. Look at her eating her fun fall snack!

4. And She’s So Fast! I Never Would Have Guessed!


I feel like the internet thinks capybaras are lazy and slow, but they’re surprisingly quick! Pumpkin gets zoomies ALL the time! #zoomies #zoomie #zoomiessss #capybara #capybaras #capybaralove #capybarasforever #capybaratiktok #cuteanimals #foru

♬ original sound – DarkWingsWildlife

5. She Loves Blankets! Just Like Me!


Sometimes I’ll try to help cover her up like that, and it’ll surprise her and she’ll pop right out of her blankie 😅😭 she loves cuddling under her blanket as it gets a bit colder out! #capybara #capybaras #capybaralove #capybarasforever #cuteanimals #cuteanimal

♬ original sound – DarkWingsWildlife

Ugh, seriously.

I can’t get over the cuteness here. I think I have to send Pumpkin a Christmas present from her wishlist.

Pumpkin is a truly glamorous queen. As the kids say… Pumpkin is my Roman Empire!

The featured image for this post is from Instagram.

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