“Professor” Crumples Up $20 Bill To Teach Powerful Lesson On Worth.

A professor holding up a 20-dollar bill (left frame), then crumpling it (right frame.

This video was produced as part of a series using actors to portray the “professor” and other characters in the sketch. Though this video is a sketch, the lesson and value it conveys is worth spreading and discussing. Using a 20-dollar bill, the professor imparts one of the most valuable lessons you will ever hear.


This isn’t the first time this tale has been told. Although no one knows the exact origins, it is rumored to have been part of a motivational speech. Supposedly, the speech was part of a conference for CEOs and other high-level executives. The message remains the same.

Professor holding up a 20-dollar bill he is using for a lesson.
Image from YouTube.

The video opens with the professor in the front of a classroom. He holds up a crisp 20-dollar bill and asks if anyone wants it. Of course, the whole class does. The professor assures them that he will give the 20-dollar bill away. He crumples it into a ball and asks the question again. The response is the same. The value of the money hasn’t changed because it is wrinkled.

Crumpling the 20-dollar bill as part of the lesson.
Image from YouTube.

Next, the professor uncrumples the 20-dollar bill and tosses it on the floor. He steps on it and grinds his foot over the bill. Picking it up, he asks the question again. Same response. The students don’t care if it’s dirty and crumpled.

Stomping on the money and grinding it into the floor.
Image from YouTube.

But Then, The Real Lesson Begins

The professor starts talking, “My dear students, I’ve just shown you a very important lesson. No matter what I did to this money, you still wanted it because it never lost its worth.” He continues, explaining that no matter what happens to the 20-dollar bill, it retains its worth. Then, he relates that lesson to each student’s personal worth. He tells the students that they may feel like their life is a shambles. Perhaps they will be dealing with a bad decision or other circumstances that make them feel worthless. None of that matters.

He finishes the short lesson by assuring the students that no matter what happens in their lives, they will never lose their worth. Like the bedraggled 20-dollar bill, each person maintains their value. The professor ended the lesson by telling the students never to forget their worth, although we never found out who got the reward. You can watch the entire short lesson on Reddit:

You never loose your worth!
byu/baconroll2022 inMadeMeSmile

This series of videos has been around for a while. The entire series is available on YouTube. The producer, Meir Kay, has a variety of inspirational material on his channel. In his about section, he states, “I’m all about spreading joy and positivity to the people and places around me.” That makes for a perfect fit here at InspireMore, where another professor gave us a different life lesson. If you enjoyed this, please share it. Everyone deserves to know their self-worth!

You can find the source of this story’s featured image here.

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