Professional Dancers Copy A Baby’s Every Exact Movement, It’s Interpretative Dance Re-Imagined!

There’s nothing cuter and watching little kids perform at a dance recital. Their offbeat movements and hilarious ad-libs are altogether adorable, but the baby in the video below was born with the makings of a genius choreographer just waiting for a chance to shine.


When one of the members of this professional dance troop brought the toddler into class, the little guy ended up teaching them a lesson or two. Rather than leading the class themselves, these dancers decided to imitate the little tyke, who can barely walk or talk. The ensuing dance routine is altogether hilarious and beautiful in its own unique way… you don’t want to miss it.

Here’s the Takeaway: Little ones are awesome… their movements, thoughts, and ideas are fascinating.  So learn from them sometime.

Watch below as these professional dancers mimic every movement this little guy makes and share if it made your day!

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