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Spunky Princess Proves Kids Will Be Kids, Even If They’re Royals.

princess leonore

Even though they’re raised in the very highest of societies, the children of royalty are still, after all, children.

In what felt like a scene from a Disney movie, one errant princess made waves on social media thanks to her undeniably kid-like behavior at a royal event. Princess Leonore is four years old, and she’s the daughter of Princess Madeleine of Sweden.

swedish royal family

The nature-loving little girl has no doubt had manners and decorum drilled into her head since before she could talk, yet that didn’t stop her from letting her inner wild child out during the christening of her new baby sister, Princess Adrienne.

Any parent who has ever taken their child to a church service can tell you that it’s not always easy to keep them quiet and entertained as adults drone on and on, and Leonore’s exasperated parents are no different!


As the service wore on, Leonore got a teensy bit bored and began amusing herself, much to the chagrin of the Royal court. Kicking off her shoes, Leonore proceeded to poke at her little brother, Prince Nicholas.

And when we say poke, we mean this light chokehold:

princess leonore and nicholas

When her dad noticed, though, she eased up. For his part, Nicholas didn’t seem bothered by it… in fact, he looked just as bored as his big sister!


But this princess was just getting warmed up. She then decided that just being shoeless inside the Royal Chapel was not nearly daring enough, so she got down on the carpet and started rolling around like a playful puppy as the officiants carried on with the ceremony.

Video of the scene was sent out to the Royal social sites, and Princess Leonore instantly went viral.

Nearly everyone who saw the clip had to laugh at this precocious little girl who would clearly rather be out rolling down a grassy hill than stuck inside at a boring old church service.

Leonore’s mother, Princess Madeleine, kept her cool… but she still doled out a few total “mom glares” like this one:

As Madeleine cradled her three-month-old, she reminds us of every time our own moms ever-so-subtly glared daggers at us when we were misbehaving.

We’ve all definitely seen this look before.


Although we non-Royals probably never misbehaved on such a gigantic, global stage as this one. Honestly, we can’t blame Leonore one bit!

We hope she got a chance to run around and just be a kid after this ceremony was finally over.


For now, however, Princess Leonore will live on in social media infamy as the princess who reminded the world that no matter how important you are, or how many fancy titles you have in your name, kids will be kids.

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