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Preschoolers And Kindergartners Cast Their Votes In Cutest School Election.

The voting age may start at 18, but it’s never too early to make your voice heard.

While millions of Americans were casting their votes during election week, two Texas schools held a special election of their own to make learning about citizenship and civic involvement fun. And it couldn’t be cuter!

Preschool and kindergarten students at Primrose School of North East Flower Mound and Primrose School of Fort Worth West had a tough choice to make this week. Both Percy the Rooster and Mia the Mouse were running for presidential Primrose Friend mascot, and both candidates had strong platforms.

Percy’s campaign advocated for courage, while Mia’s focused on good citizenship – both great qualities. But only one could come out on top, so the parties’ teeny supporters made sure to share their opinions at the ballot box.

Fort Worth’s Director of Admissions Ashley Doan made the event even more authentic when she stepped into the role of political correspondent! Here’s what voters said about Percy. Our favorite opinion? “I like his gobbler.”

But on the campaign trail, Ashley found Mia was just as popular among voters. She gives great hugs, after all! And her views on good citizenship spoke to children and adults alike.

Even the tiniest voters weighed in – though they were a bit short on words.

Following all the excitement, we’re happy to report that both schools have announced a winner! Congratulations to Mia the Mouse, Flower Mound’s and Fort Worth’s new presidential mascot!

What a fun way to help kids participate in the democratic process! It will be a while before they can vote for real, but we’re sure none of them will miss out in the future thanks to this event. And that’s the whole idea!

The election may be over, but share as a reminder to always vote. Big or small, our voices count!

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