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Priceless Memories: Photographer Helps Restore Family Photos for Hurricane Survivors.

a two-photo collage. on the left there is a picture of photographer krista wearing gloves while restoring damage pictures. on the right there is a picture of a damage photo that she will help restore.

Photos capture memories and help us hold them in our hearts. Whether it’s a milestone birthday, wedding, or first day of school, photos can be so meaningful – they’re priceless.

When Hurricane Ian struck the state of Florida, some families lost everything, including valuable family photos. One photographer is not only helping them restore those photos but is bringing them hope.

Wedding photographer Krista Kowalczyk, like many Florida residents, was also affected by the natural disaster.

“I have weddings that are scheduled for next summer and their venue is not there anymore,” Krista told “Good Morning America.

Krista didn’t let what many would consider a major setback in photography deter her. She actually spent weeks helping hurricane survivors restore their damaged photos. The Fort Myers resident was moved to help others after helping her neighbor clean out her 89-year-old father’s flooded home. It was really hard to see the storm damage up close.

“Everything they owned was in piles on the streets,” said Krista. “It wasn’t just one street. It was block after block after block.”

Krista said as she and her friend were cleaning out the house, she asked what she should do with the water-damaged photos. She knew what to do and got to work. After this conversation, the next day Krista went door to door with her photography assistant and asked people if they wanted help restoring their damaged photos. The response was beyond positive.

“People were very appreciative just to have somebody come up to their house and say, ‘How can I help you,'” she said. “For some of them, I just offered tips, saying, ‘Just take those out of the albums. That’s all you have to do,’ or, ‘Rinse this off, throw it in some water and those pictures will be fine.’ “

Word eventually began to spread and she got even more requests for assistance. She even got help from her family and friends in the effort.

She is helping one family salvage thousands of photos. This project is taking over her home, she admitted. However, she is happy to help others in need. And for specialized photos like wedding portraits she enlisted the help of some of her photography. For photos that cannot be saved, she is archiving them digitally,

Krista wants to ensure everyone can have a chance to salvage their memories, so she has even added a section to her website offering tips for photo restoration.

“I know firsthand how wonderful photographs are and how important they are,” Krista said about helping her community. “This is the one thing that kind of captures a moment forever. The couch will be replaced, but you can’t replace those family photographs.”

It really is true what they say about photos: They are worth more than words alone! Krista is happy to be able to give back to a community that has lost so much from the storm. Her work is a picture-perfect gift!

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