Pregnant Woman’s Daughter Sprints To Get Help When Her Mom Breaks An Ankle

A little girl runs for help while her mom lays on the ground with a broken ankle.

While taking her daughter to school, this pregnant mom fell and broke her ankle. This was not a good time for her to sustain an injury — not only was she nine months along, but she was due to be induced in a couple of days! Luckily, this woman’s daughter was a quick thinker. Security camera footage of the incident shows the little girl running to get help in a flash!

Within moments, a neighbor was rushing over to help the pregnant woman get back up, careful not to hurt her broken ankle. This mom was so proud of her daughter’s actions that she shared the heroic footage on TikTok.


Broke my foot two days before being induced today 😭 i dont even understand how

♬ Last Hope (Over Slowed + Reverb) – Steve Ralph

“Very grateful for how fast my daughter got help and thankful for my neighbor,” the woman wrote in her post.

Commenters were equally impressed with the little girl’s quick response to seeing her pregnant mom fall down and break her ankle.

“Your daughter started looking for someone RIGHT away,” wrote one user. “She knew what to do.”

A little girl runs for help while her mom lays on the ground with a broken ankle.
Screengrab from TikTok

Another person pointed out that the young girl in the video didn’t recklessly run into the street, but remained in her own yard while shouting for help.

“We’ve had to be very clear about not going in the street,” Mom wrote back. “We live on a hill and cars come speeding down it all the time. She knows never to go in the street without us.”

Kudos to this little girl for keeping a clear head in an emergency! We hope the rest of this mom’s pregnancy went a lot more smoothly.

You can find the source of this story’s featured image here.

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