Very Pregnant Dog Has Her Own Maternity Shoot, And It’s Most Adorable Thing You’ve Ever Seen.

Brazilian photographer Ana Paula Grillo has a lot of experience shooting adorable children, families and expecting mothers.

But she’s branching out a bit with her newest subject choice: An extremely pregnant and wonderfully adorable mama dog named Lilica.

Her maternity shoot has got it all: Gazing into the sun, rolling around in the grass and uncontrollable laughter… all of the choice poses for professional models (of course).


Image by Anna Fotografia


Image by Anna Fotografia

Let’s not forget her beautiful pink flower doubling as a stylish choker.


Image by Anna Fotografia

Grillo describes Lilica as “very well loved and cared for.” No wonder she’s totally beaming!


Image by Anna Fotografia


Image by Anna Fotografia

Although Lilica is definitely about to pop, she apparently was an amazing subject to work with.


Image by Anna Fotografia


Image by Anna Fotografia

“She was amazing,” Grillo said. “She smiled in a way that was just so nice.”


Image by Anna Fotografia

Since the shoot, Lilica has given birth to five healthy pups, all adopted by her owner’s adult children and their families.


Image by Anna Fotografia


Image by Anna Fotografia

How wonderful! Share these beautiful photos of a happy and healthy canine mom-to-be!

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