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Precious: Toddlers Caught On Camera In Cutest “Hugfest” At Daycare

Four toddlers hug each other at a daycare center.

If you need a dose of adorable to get you through the day, these toddlers hugging each other at daycare should do it! A sweet clip on TikTok shows three very small, slightly wobbly children wrapping their arms around each other. Seeing his friends distributing hugs and wanting one himself, a fourth toddler ran up to the group. They literally welcomed him with open arms!

Although the toddlers kept hugging each other over and over again, they didn’t seem to get tired of it. The smiles on their faces as they held their friends close were just too cute! It’s beautiful to see these tiny kids already learning to express their love for each other in such a wholesome way.

This video has received over nine million views, and commenters can’t get over these sweet toddlers giving each other the most precious hugs!

“The world hasn’t gotten to them yet,” one user wrote.

“If only adults could treat each other the same,” added another.

Four toddlers hug each other at a daycare center.
Screengrab from TikTok

However, one parent had a very different (and kind of hilarious) experience to share.

“That’s sweet,” they wrote. “My toddler hit some of his friends at school today.”

It just goes to show you that kids are wonderfully unpredictable. One minute they’re giving their toddler friends hugs, the next they’re doling out knuckle sandwiches. Let’s enjoy the sweet moments while we can!

You can find the source of this story’s featured image here.

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