Power Up! Wait Staff Dressed As Power Rangers Swoop In To Save Woman In Distress.

Noka Staff dressed as Power Rangers

On a recent evening, diners at Noka Ramen restaurant in Oakland, California got a lot more than just Thai food!


Every Friday night, staff members at Noka dress up in Power Rangers costumes in honor of their signature cocktail, the Noka Ranger, which is served in a special Power Rangers glass. The dinner rush was in full swing when suddenly, a woman ran into the restaurant begging for help.

Ploi Pirapoken was eating in the restaurant when the drama occurred. The scene was so chaotic and surreal, she wasn’t sure it was actually happening at first! As workers and patrons watched in horror, a man ran into the restaurant after the woman and things turned violent. He swiftly put the woman into a chokehold and began dragging her towards the door.

Someone was in trouble, and you know what that means? It’s morphin’ time!

Ploi described the epic battle that ensued on Twitter. First, the Black and Yellow Rangers stepped in to ask the man to leave. When he refused and started kicking and punching them, they fought back. The police were called, and staff members whisked the frightened victim into the kitchen to keep her safe.

The attacker then started yelling Asian slurs, so the Yellow Ranger took him by the collar and dragged him out of the restaurant!

“We’re trying to call the cops,” Ploi continued. “Patrons are shaking & crying. The pink power ranger (hostess) tells us our food is free. The man goes outside, starts picking up chairs, baby seats & salt + pepper shakers to throw at the windows.”

The wait staff ran outside and subdued the attacker, jumping on him and holding him down until the Oakland police arrived. Police determined that he was in the midst of a mental health crisis, so they took him to the hospital to get help.

Ploi says the restaurant’s patrons also pitched in to make sure the woman was safe and the staff was supported. Everyone came together to help this woman, so they’re all heroes in our book. Looks like this guy picked the wrong restaurant to cause trouble!

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