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Police Officer Stops In The Pouring Rain To Save Lost Dog From Busy Road

A lost dog getting into an officer's car on a rainy day.

A Tennessee Highway Patrol officer saved a dog’s life during a downpour, and the footage is way too sweet! While driving down a busy street, the man noticed a stray pooch wandering by the side of the road. Worried that the animal would get injured, the officer immediately stopped to help. His heroic act has gone viral online!

In a clip of the animal rescue, the Trooper Lance Willis parked his car in the middle of the road and turned his lights on, bringing traffic to a pause. Once the street was clear, he beckoned to the pooch. Although a little hesitant, the dog eventually seemed to realize that the officer was trying to save her. So, she hopped into the vehicle and out of the rain.

Thankfully, this dog has been reunited with her family.

WJHL tells us that, once the animal was in the trooper’s car, he drove to a parking lot where he kept the pooch company until animal control arrived. From there, she was taken to Petworks Animal Services, a shelter serving Kingsport, Tennessee. As it turns out, though, this pup already had a family. Once they got in contact with her owners, it wasn’t long before she was safely returned home. Her name is Luna.

Trooper Willis was very relieved to hear that Luna’s owners had claimed her. When the officer saved this dog from getting hit by a car in the pouring rain, he was hoping that her family would find her. Commenters on the social media post showing footage from the animal rescue were touched by this man’s kindness toward the lost pup.

A lost dog getting into an officer's car on a rainy day.
Screengrab from TikTok

“That’s more than a cop,” one user wrote. “He’s a hero and an animal lover. Thank you Officer.”

Another added, “Tennesse State Trooper Willis, you’re my hero.”

We’re so glad that this officer took the time to save this adorable dog. Her family must be very grateful to have her back safe and sound!

You can find the source of this story’s featured image here.

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