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Police Drag Woman Out Of Burning Vehicle With Seconds To Spare In Jaw-Dropping Video.

police body cam footage from pasco sheriff's office of a car that had crashed and is now on fire on the side of the road

When two cars crashed into each other, one going northbound and the other southbound, most of the people around them got away as fast as they could. But not Richard Brewster.

After witnessing the horrific crash, he desperately tried to help until first responders could arrive. Until then, the driver of one of the cars was stuck inside.

“As we were coming up the embankment all you see was just the implosion of all the steam, sparks, lights,” Richard said. “I immediately ran over there and checked to see if she had a pulse … It seemed like I ran around that car a million times trying to get her out and then the other lady was on the phone with 911.”

As soon as the Pasco deputies arrived, they tirelessly worked to put out the flames using the three fire extinguishers they had with them. One officer, whose perspective we see thanks to his body cam, ended up using up an entire extinguisher.

But the more they tried to put out the fire, the stronger the flames grew, only inching closer and closer to the trapped driver with each passing moment.

Still, the officers carried on through flames and heavy smoke to get the terrified woman out. After a few minutes, they went with a different method: Breaking open her door. It was already pretty damaged from the accident, but it still took quite a few tries for the officers to be able to bend the door just enough for them to reach her.

But as soon as they could, every officer there worked together to pull the woman out, something they managed to do quickly – seemingly without a moment to spare.

“As soon as they got her out, and away from the car, it literally went up, was engulfed in flames,” Richard said. “It was seconds.”

Since the accident, the woman’s ex-husband and step-daughter gave an update: She’s still recovering in the hospital, and she is so very thankful for the Pasco Deputies.

“I’m really glad that the deputies were there,” Elizabeth Soto, her step-daughter said. “It’s really challenging to watch that video and know it’s somebody close to me.”

Watch a clip of the harrowing rescue below and don’t forget to share.

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