Band Teachers Go “On Tour” To Perform Fight Song For Graduating Musicians 1 More Time.

The class of 2020 has had an interesting year, to say the least.

Because of the novel coronavirus pandemic, graduating seniors have been celebrating at home instead of walking across the stage. That’s why the band directors at Plano Senior High School in Texas refused to let their players leave without a proper send-off!


The three of them teamed up to create a weekend “tour,” during which they would play the school’s fight song for every graduating band member on their own front lawns.

When everything was planned, they spent an entire weekend traveling around the city to make sure they got to see almost 100 students. Even better, they showed up decked out in school colors and flawlessly played the celebratory tune on their instruments.

The moment was unforgettable for these up-and-coming musicians! “Band has been my life for four years,” senior Marie Loy said. “So it just means a lot… I feel like I finally got a proper goodbye.”


In total, the trio spent about 21 hours over three days traveling to and performing for their players.

At each home, they were greeted with endless smiles and appreciation! After all, as senior Jason Villanueva said, “Not many students get to have their teacher come to their house and play for them.”

As for the band directors themselves, they were thrilled to bring their students joy. Jason Lewis said, “We have a phrase in the Plano band that says, ‘Same thing, last time, finish strong,’ and they truly have finished strong.”


While this wasn’t the celebration these seniors anticipated, knowing their teachers care about them so deeply is a memory they’ll cherish forever. Way to go, Band Director Tour!

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