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Tiny Piano Prodigy Transfixes Commuters With Astounding Subway Performance.

jay lewington piano

Think of how many people you see every single day. Now consider that among that large group, at least a few people have astounding talents.

It’s not every day that you get to witness them putting their skills on display, though, but when you’re lucky enough to come across an impromptu performance, you stop and stare. And that’s exactly what people did when they heard a pianist in St. Pancras Station in London.


Little did they know, the source of the beautiful piano playing was coming from none other than eight-year-old Jay Lewington.

Looking chilled out as can be and perched on the bench, you wouldn’t think that he was executing an insanely difficult song.


Yet as the caption mentions, Jay is playing Chopin’s “Fantasie Impromptu,”which should actually be called “Fantasie Impossible.”I used to play piano and can tell you that the song requires an immense amount of talent and dedication to perfect.

And Jay is nailing it!

His fingers fly across the keys at a baffling pace, in opposite directions and then back together again, as passersby pause in amazement.


For five minutes he sits in relaxed concentration as his fingers look like they’re executing some sort of musical sorcery. It’s nearly incomprehensible, then, that he has only been playing the piano for one year. ONE. YEAR. What’s more, he is self-taught, having learned from YouTube tutorials.

If that doesn’t prove that he’s not a Mozart-level prodigy, then I don’t know what does.

Watch Jay’s astounding performance below and share if you think he’ll be playing at Carnegie Hall one day.

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