Neighbors Throw Cutest Flash Mob To Surprise 93-Yr-Old Who Loves The “Hokey Pokey.”

neighbors doing hokey pokey next to 93-year-old smiling on porch

Around her Prairie Village, Kansas, neighborhood, Phyllis Brinkerhoff is known as “Mrs. B.”


Mrs. B loves music, but her favorite song by far is one most children learn in grammar school. While she can’t always put her left foot in, take it out, and shake it all about, she can still sing the “Hokey Pokey” with the best of them!

The 93-year-old admits that she’s “obsessed” with the “Hokey Pokey,” calling it “a fun, joyous song.” In fact, when she recently shared her enthusiasm with a neighbor, she was surprised to learn that not everybody feels the same way.

Melanie Mendrys lives in Mrs. B’s neighborhood, and as they developed a friendship, Mrs. B gave Melanie a CD of the song. The “Hokey Pokey” isn’t really Melanie’s thing, so when the nonagenarian started calling her to see if she was “hooked” on it yet, she wasn’t sure how to respond. Then, one day, she got her answer.

Mrs. B mentioned that she would be celebrating her 93rd birthday soon, and Melanie quickly thought of a perfect way to honor her. Melanie and her daughter decided to put together a flash mob to sing and dance to Mrs. B’s favorite song right in her front yard!

Together, the mom and daughter rolled up dozens of invitations and delivered them door-to-door.

On Mrs. B’s birthday, she was shocked and delighted to see half the neighborhood doing the iconic dance just for her!

Seeing Mrs. B’s reaction meant the world to Melanie and the other neighbors!

“The smile on her face was so big,” Melanie said later. “It doesn’t take that much to make someone’s day. And I think we can all do a little more of it.”

We couldn’t agree more, Melanie! Just look at Mrs. B’s beaming face!

What a fun way to honor someone on their big day! These neighbors deserve a big pat on the back for going above and beyond to make Mrs. B smile.

Check out the adorable surprise in the video below, and share this story to spread the joy even further.

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