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15 Head-Scratching Photos That Will Live In Your Head Rent-Free

a two-photo collage, the first is of a window that appears to be floating in mid-air with a ladder. the second is of a man walking a crab on a leash.

The internet is a wide and varied place. Even though there can be a lot of bad things out there, there’s also a lot that’s wild, wonderful, and just plain weird!

One subreddit specializes in all three. The Redditors of r/hmmm have compiled an extensive list of pictures that will make you scratch your head and go “hmmm.” Although there’s plenty of content to browse through there, we’ve selected 15 of our favorites for you to enjoy below.

So jump on in, and don’t be surprised if you find yourself bemused and delighted!

1. Look here, folks! We have the very rare Minecraft cat!

2. It’s a little-known fact that Santa himself went through a Goth phase as a teenager.

3. …That’s not what they mean by a glass ceiling. You know what? Never mind.

4. Hey, wait a minute… that’s not a bear squishmallow!

5. Hmm, that’s one funky looking bird.

6. Well, it is a little hard to get the noodles to your mouth without slurping, but we never thought about knitting them before!

7. Either this cat defies the laws of physics or it’s the feline Incredible Hulk. Obviously, those are the only two explanations for this photo.

8. Reduce, reuse, recycle, and all that, ya know?

9. “No, Dad, I will NOT come down from up here!”

10. Noooo! Not ducky!!

11. Okay, now this one has us truly stumped.

12. Ah yes, the classic game of chess on “extreme mode.”

13. Who needs a tow truck when you have… a van?

14. Hmmm, what kind of dog is that?

15. Sometimes you’ve just got to cut your losses.

Well, that’s a good enough dose of Internet whimsy for one day! We hope you enjoyed your trip down the spectacular weirdness of the r/hmmm subreddit.

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