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Photo Of Dejected Owner Waiting For Customers In Empty Restaurant Sparks Incredible Turnout.

A restaurant owner looking out the front door of his empty hot dog place.

A family-owned restaurant went from empty to bustling thanks to one customer’s glowing review on social media! Nick Chappell, an Oklahoma Army National Guard, stopped by a hot dog place Norman, Oklahoma on December 20. While the food at Spirals: Hot Dogs & More was excellent, he noticed that there were almost no other customers. He felt bad for the owner, Scott Hosek, who looked sad as he stood by the door waiting for people to come in.

At first, Nick just posted a picture of the empty restaurant and its owner on Snapchat, feeling that the candid moment deserved to be shared. However, his work friend had other ideas.

A restaurant owner looking out the front door of his empty hot dog place.

“A good buddy of mine named Chad said, ‘Hey, man, you can either post this on Facebook or I’m going to post this on Facebook. Some way or another we’re going to get this guy some customers,'” Nick recalled, according to USA Today.

One Facebook post changed everything for this empty restaurant.

Nick decided to write a Facebook post about Spirals: Hot Dogs & More. He included the original photo of the owner inside the empty restaurant as well as a picture of his own delicious meal.

“If you find yourself in Norman between 11am-8pm stop in and get a hotdog,” read the caption. “They are so sweet and happy to have us. The food was amazing and the hospitality was off the charts.”

A hot dog piled with delicious toppings.

The post concluded, “Share away. Let’s get them some customers!!”

It wasn’t long before the post started getting around. Customers began flockig to the hot dog restaurant after reading the heartwarming review. Scott Hosiek was overwhelmed with business, so much so that Nick actually apologized for sharing the photo in the first place! However, the owner of Spirals: Hot Dogs & More couldn’t have been more grateful.

A menu from Spirals: Hot Dogs and More.

Now, there’s a brand new item on the menu, and it’s named after Nick! The “Thunderbird” comes with bacon, cream cheese, and jalapeños. It’s a reference to the customer’s infantry division, which is symbolized by the Thunderbird Unit Patch. What a fantastic way to thank him for his amazing review!

Of course, this isn’t the first time an empty restaurant was saved by social media. This man’s TikTok review brought tons of customers to a failing pizza place!

You can find the source of this story’s featured image here.

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