Daring Police Officers Spot House Fire And Leap Into Action To Save Family Of 6.

Few moments have ever reflected the phrase “right place, right time” more than an incident that occurred earlier this month when a family’s house caught on fire in Arizona.

A few Phoenix police officers were checking out a situation at a nearby apartment complex when they noticed smoke emanating from another home. The public servants wasted no time, immediately heading straight toward the fire to initiate a rescue.

The matriarch of the house, an 80-year-old woman named Ruby Johnson Smith, had fallen asleep on a living room chair inside when the fire began.

“I don’t know what happened,” she told CBS 5. “I don’t know where it started from or how it started. You can see I’m shaking in my boots right now, but it’s really starting to register now.”

Her daughter and four grandchildren ended up trapped with her in the backyard. Their only escape route seemed to be through the flame-drenched home.

“Officers and neighbors immediately ran to help save a woman and her four small children,” the Phoenix Police Department tweeted.

In heart-racing footage from one of the police officer’s body cams, we can see the fearless cops bursting through the home’s side gate to reach the desperate voices they could hear on the other side. They quickly find a ladder and help the family escape over the fence, leading them all to safety.

We can even hear one of the officers comforting the family, saying, “We’re going to take care of it, OK? They’re all OK, that’s all that matters.”

Thanks to these local heroes, everyone was OK. They made it out safe, sound, and unharmed. Ruby’s neighbor, Josie Aragon, was present when the fire first started and stayed by the family’s side when it was all over.

“[Ruby is] a good neighbor and a very loving person,” Josie said. She added, “You know what, Ruby, you’re very lucky your kids are safe and everybody is safe. Material things can be replaced.”

Ruby feels the same way.

“I appreciate them so much,” she said. “There’s a crown for them. God is going to crown them for the help they did for us.”

For the brave officers, it was all in a day’s work – but it was still an extraordinary event that we’re sure they won’t soon forget!

“I just feel blessed,” Ruby added. “Blessed, blessed, blessed, blessed.”

Watch the incredible footage of the rescue in the video below, and share this heroic story with a friend.

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