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Nothing Beats Firsts! Just Ask These 15 Animals Whose Minds Are Blown.

cat and dog with surprised faces

There are some people whose every thought is broadcast right on their faces for all the world to see, but did you know the same can be said of pets?

Animals have incredibly expressive faces, and there are moments when we can read their thoughts as clearly as reading a book. From irriation to surprise, every raised eyebrow or curled lip has meaning, for those who choose to find it. When an animal experiences something brand new for the first time, you can see their fear, delight, and confusion right on their little faces.

1. His first taste of snow, accompanied by his first case of brain freeze. Ow!

2. “Timber got to ride in the front seat of my truck for the first time. When asked if he liked the AC, this was his reply.”

3. His owner wore a hat in front of him for the first time. He was not impressed.

4. Somebody’s humans brought him to the dog park for the first time!

5. First time going out into the Great Outdoors. His verdict: it’s terrifying!

6. Somebody’s sleeping like a baby after being adopted!

7. Whoa… looks like that’s some powerful catnip!

8. Bunnies getting thier first taste of fresh peach. Don’t let your fingers get in their way.

9. This big, scary beast just met a dog for the first time. 

10. All geared up and ready for his first boat ride.

11. Cat finally met the boyfriend, and he’s not so sure the man is good enough for his human.

12. She found her owner in the bathtub and was very concerned.

13. Love at first sight! This is the face of a retriever who will develop a passionate and lifelong love for tennis balls.

14. Cutest pupper says hi to a box turtle.

15. “Snow! Oh em gee, it’s snow!”

We love the enthusiasm, don’t you? These sweet faces truly make life complete.

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