Pets Heal The Soul: 5 Pets Showing Incredible Compassion Towards People.

A cat and a dog are comforting their owners.

Do we take care of our pets, or do they take care of us? Honestly, the relationship between pet parents and their four-legged family members is pretty much fifty-fifty! When we treat our furry friends well, they pay us back with their love, loyalty, and lots of cuddles. In fact, sometimes our pets offer compassion when no one else does.

Animals seem to have a sixth sense that lets them know when their humans could use a little extra emotional support. Here are some of the sweetest cats and dogs on the internet who know exactly what to do when their owners are in distress! We guarantee these thoughtful pets will melt your heart.

1. Who knew that a dachshund would make such a great nanny?


🥰Amazing Dachshund Calms Crying Baby🥰—“When my baby goes for a nap, my dogs sleep next to him. Every time he wakes up or cries, my dogs go & check. Sometimes, just the fact they appear in front of him is enough to calm him down, like this one.”😥😍

♬ original sound – katcandoo0

2. This dog could tell that his grandma needed some love.

3. Some cats are even generous enough to share their love with strangers.


Thank you kitty you helped comfort me in your own way even tho you might not know it, i let my emotions take over, thank you again for staying with me and comforting me 🙂 #catlove #thankyoukitty💖 #ilovectas❣️ #cutekittycat #thankyoucat #happy #sad #helppless #foryou #foryou

♬ original sound – evan

4. This kitty isn’t a doctor, but they still knew something was wrong.

5. You’ll want this dog on your side during a water balloon fight!

If you haven’t already, give your pet some extra love today. They deserve it!

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